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Eclipse Software Releases Its Architecture for Transaction Management

JERSEY CITY, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 18, 2007 -- Eclipse Software has released its best practices application framework, the Architecture for Transaction Management. The Architecture was developed through extensive experience with broker/dealers and investment banks in the design and development of applications for a variety of financial products, transaction types, and processing scenarios. The patterns that emerged from that process are the foundation of the Architecture.

The Architecture for Transaction Management is built on common data structures that enable it to support multiple products. Equities, fixed income, MBS, mutual funds, options and futures, loans, repurchase agreements and securities lending, and structured financial products are some of the products that have been implemented. The full range of transaction events, from trade entry and correction to clearance and settlement is supported. Complete books and records on multiple date bases are an integral part of the Architecture.

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The Architecture incorporates a Knowledge Base that organizes the metadata that enables the Architecture to support the products and processing without reprogramming. This also provides the business with the ability to control and modify the application with complete transparency.

The Processing Rules component of the Architecture implements standard algorithms for many transaction processing functions. Of particular note is the discussion of Realized and Unrealized Trading P&L, which presents an in-depth treatment of this important topic. Dividends and interest are similarly treated.

The Architecture has been used to support a variety of mid- and back-office functions, including Purchases & Sales, Clearance and Settlement, Cashiers Department, Stock Record, Dividends and Interest, Trade Support, and Accounting. It has wide applicability within broker/dealers, investment banks, hedge funds, and insurance companies.

Utilizing the Architecture enables firms to achieve greater transparency in the development process, utilize incremental processes, preserve scalability, and better measure and control risk.

The Architecture is completely open and is available for review on the Eclipse website. There are extensive links to primary and secondary references, particularly those available on the Web.

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Eclipse Software is a software and consulting firm providing services to the financial industry. It specializes in mid- and back-office applications for broker/dealers, commercial banks, investment banks, and insurance companies. Eclipse has experience with a wide range of financial products, including equities, fixed income, MBS, derivatives, securities lending, and commercial loans.

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