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01 Sep 12Eclipse relocates to Hillsborough, NJ. The location remains central New Jersey, with easy access to New York City, but the building has substantially more space than the prior location.
01 May 11Substantial additions are released in the areas of trading P&L and bond pricing.
04 Mar 09Inventory and Trading P&L was substantially expanded, including greater discussion of fair value, positions & balances, and mark-to-market. As an aid to practitioners, the treatment of real-world events such as the effects of improper pricing and missed processing schedules was added.
25 Apr 08Release of Bond Pricing in the Market, which describes how fixed income investments are valued based on cash flow discounting. A discussion of coupons and day count conventions then explains how bonds are finally priced.
38 Mar 08A significant upgrade to Day Count Conventions is released. This includes additional normative references and graphical comparisons of various conventions.
12 Sep 07Eclipse relocates to Summit, NJ. This provides an improved workspace and better access to clients in central New Jersey, while maintaining close support for New York City clients.
29 Jul 07Release of an in-depth guide to Day Count Conventions. It discusses the history of the conventions and the organizations that define them, how to determine the applicable convention, and implementing the algorithms.
11 Jun 07Publication of a guide to Extending the Framework in order to handle additional security classes (e.g., equities, mutual funds), commissions and fees on transactions, and new types of settlement.
28 May 07The treatment of Coupon Interest is expanded to include background information on the reasons for the various day count conventions. A discussion of the total return environment (including an introduction to amortization and accretion) is added.
18 May 07Press Release: Eclipse Software Releases Its Architecture for Transaction Management.
16 May 07The website is enhanced with Road Maps and a Learning Guide. Coupon Interest is substantially expanded, and an overview of Adapting the Framework is published.
21 Mar 07Eclipses launches the Technical Foundation component of the Architecture to address the infrastructure supporting the Framework. The first topic is Temporal Independence.
27 Feb 07An explanation of Dividends and Interest is added to the Processing Rules component of the Framework.
07 Feb 07Eclipse Software launches a redesigned website. This includes the first publication of Eclipse's Architecture for Transaction Management.

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